Love Quotes for Husband & Tips to Sustain a Healthy Relationship

The first three years of marriage are blissful. You get little love quotes from your partner, you get to go out often, and each morning you wake up in the arms of the one you love. This is the way things are meant to be. He is your life, your babe, your forever. It’s heaven on earth, right? Well, not so much.

Things tend to change a bit after the first three years of marriage. A relationship, especially a marriage, is like a plant. You need to make constant and deliberate care to enable your marriage to thrive. In the guide below you will discover how to keep your relationship healthy, 10 communications tips you can use in your marriage, and cute love quotes and nicknames that are ideal for your husband.

Love Quotes for Husband

How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy?

Here are some tips that will help your relationship thrive.

Have a “Me” Time

When you first get into a relationship, especially newlyweds, you want to spend every waking moment with your partner. You find him funny, intriguing, and handsome. After a while his job sounds the same every day, the jokes are dryer than last time, and frankly, it’s the same “old” face.

To create a new feeling in a relationship, you have to work on you first. Have a “me” time where you get to discover more things that you love; things that will challenge him to find himself. That way, you guys will have more to talk about, and your relationship stays fresh.

Do Acts of Kindness Together

Doing charity work together with your loved one is bound to bring you closer. You can volunteer at homeless shelters, wildlife conservations, or participate in charity races.

Fight Fairly

Most people presume that when their partner gives in to their demands during an argument, they have won. Marriage is not a battlefield; there is no winner or loser. Fight fairly. Do not do things to your husband that he would be incapable of doing to you.


Love Quotes for HusbandDo you ever give your partners demands or meet him half-way? Or must everything go according to your needs? Compromise is essential because it means that both sides are valued in a relationship.

Have an “Us” Time

Us time means the time you spend alone with your partner. No phones, no TV, no kids, no interruptions. Go out for a romantic date or drive. An us time will help you deepen your relationship and explore new possibilities together.

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To maintain the health of your relationship, you need to learn how to communicate to your husband. Learning how to communicate right will help you especially when facing challenges. Here are tips to help you communicate better.

10 Communication Tips for Couples

1. Be a good listener- everyone in a relationship has the right to be heard. Speaking on top of each other only aggravates an argument. Being a good listener will help you better understand your husband’s pain points.

Love Quotes for Husband2. Use a timer- A timer is an essential tool in any healthy relationship. It is quite handy during arguments. Put a timer for of 5-10 minutes for each party to speak without interruptions.

3. Be gentle and calm- Have you ever seen a couple talking over each other? Ugly, right? Effective communicators have mastered the art of being kind and remaining calm in their conversations. Communicating in a gentle tone to your husband will ensure that communication channels always remain open.

4. Let the past stay in the past- the past is filled with good and bad memories. Let the wrongs you partner committed to remaining there. Do not remind him of past mistakes.

5. Do not insult- use kind words when addressing your loved one, even when tempers are flaring.

6. Ask questions open questions – when communicating with your husband ask questions that would prompt them to respond positively. Do not ask rhetorical questions like, “What kind of an idiot does that?”

7. Body language- do not look down on your partner when in a conversation; make direct eye contact for effective communication.

8. Start your day vibrantly- studies have shown that how one begins their day is bound to affect the rest of the day. Start his morning with a passionate kiss. This will enhance your communication.

9. Use the “I” language- the “I” language helps you own up to your feelings. When you use “I” you can express well what is in your mind and how your partner can help you.

10. Use love quotes- a recent study proved that men are more romantic than men are hopeless romantics. Your man yearns to hear crazy love quotes from you.

15 Cute Love Quotes for Husband

Below are some cute love quotes for your “little king“:

Love Quotes for Husband from Wife

Quote#1: When we first met, I didn’t realize how important you would be in my life.

Love Quotes for Your Husband

Quote#2: You are my always and forever.

Love Quotes for Husband from Wife

Quote#3: If I were a ship; then you are my sails and anchor.

Love Quotes for Your Husband

Quote#4: My life’s security is not just in our love, but it’s in knowing that your love will always be there for me.

Love Quotes for Husband with Images

Quote#5: We may fight, we may disagree, but my love for you will never change.

Love Quotes for Husband with Images

Quote#6: When I look into your eyes I see my past, present, and future.

Wonderful Romantic Husband Quotes

Quote#7: I want you, nothing more.

Wonderful Romantic Husband Quotes

Quote#8: If I ever have to choose between loving you and breathing; then I swear to my very last breath to declare my love for you.

Sweet Love Quotes for Husband

Quote#9: In the midst of life issues, your love is like a breath of fresh air.

Sweet Love Quotes for Husband

Quote#10: You love heals my wounds, provides solutions to my dilemmas, and wipes the tears in my sorrow.

I Love My Husband Images and Quotes

Quote#11: There is no perfect relationship, and I am an imperfect person. But if you are willing to stay, then I will stay with you.

I Love My Husband Images and Quotes

Quote#12: My most significant achievement in life is waking up next to a great man like you every day.

Short Love Quotes for Husband

Quote#13: If life was a prison; then you are my bond. Your love keeps me safe in the midst of life’s storms.

Short Love Quotes for Husband

Quote#14: When having a bad day, remember my love for you is eternal.

Proud of My Husband Quotes

Quote#15: You are my sun, my wind, and my waves; my heart beats only for you. I love you!

Best Nicknames for Husband

  • Sweetu
  • Little king
  • Babe
  • My love
  • My forever
  • Baby love
  • Big guy
  • Sugar dady
  • My soul mate
  • My honeysop
  • My dashing prince
  • Handsome baby boo
  • Honey pants

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