The Most Suitable Treatments for Enlarged Papillae on Tongue

When you find yourself with enlarged papillae on your tongue it could be something mild or serious. Where the “bumps” on your tongue don’t represent anything serious, they will disappear on their own.

But then the condition is a little bit serious, you might want to consider seeking proper treatment. There are a number of remedies that can help you fix enlarged papillae on your tongue. The major role of these remedies is not only to help you deal with the discomfort you get due to “enlarged bumps”, but also to remove them completely.Enlarged Papillae on Tongue

The following are some of the best and most effective treatment methods for treating enlarged papillae on tongue.

Give It Time

Enlarged papillae usually don’t last beyond the first 10 days of their appearance. As you give it time to heal, make sure you steer clear of all types of irritants that might make the problem to persist.

It is also important that you maintain pristine oral hygiene. If the symptoms persist or get enlarged, then it is important that you talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment.

Remember that you need to try out some home remedies even as you wait for the enlarged papillae to heal naturally.

A Warm Salt Water Gargle

This is one of the cheapest enlarged papillae remedies. All you need is a teaspoonful dissolved in 8 ounces warm water.

Gargle this water for some 30 seconds, for 3 to 4 time a day, and spit it out. If the enlarged papillae do not represent anything serious, they will disappear after this procedure.

Anesthetic or Antiseptic Mouth Wash

It is highly likely that your doctor will prescribe a mouthwash to rinse the bacteria out of your mouth. That way, you will be able to get rid of the root cause of the problem.

The other function of a mouthwash is to soothe your mouth of all types of irritation that might have led to the bumps. It also lessens pain and stress of suffering from a mouth condition.

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Drinking Lots of Water

You need water to keep the levels of hydration in your body high enough. Water also ensures that your mouth is less vulnerable to certain germs and bacteria.

If you want to flush out the root cause of the enlarged bumps in your mouth, simply drink a lot of water.


Yogurt is known to contain vital probiotic bacteria that help you get rid of all the enlarged bumps in your mouth. It is very useful in cases where you are diagnosed with fungal-induced enlarged bumps.

Take a cup of yogurt and eat it slowly. Do that twice a day and soon you will feel relief in your tongue.

Care from Your Doctor

Although you might find success with home remedies to enlarged papillae, it is also possible that they might fail to work. In that case, the doctor is free to prescribe the most workable solution.

In most cases, doctors usually prescribe a set of antibiotics. Where they are not sure, they will recommend that you undergo further tests to get to the root of the problem.Figs for Enlarged Papillae - With Water or Milk

Figs with Boiled Water

Are looking for a way to get rid of the discomfort due to enlarged papillae on your tongue? You couldn’t have a better remedy than this.

Figs are known to be a source of key vitamins and antioxidants which is the reason why they help alleviate the symptoms of enlarged bumps.

You will need to mix one tablespoonful of figs in a glass of boiled water. Once you are sure you have a consistent mixture, take it twice a day to get relief.


Honey is a remedy to a number of health conditions including enlarged papillae on your tongue. It has strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, which ensure you get out of your distress faster than usual.

Tale a tablespoonful of honey and spread it on the region of the tongue that has enlarged bumps. Allow the honey to rest undisturbed for 10 minutes and do that 4 times a day.

Fig and Milk

For fast relief of enlarged papillae on your tongue, try taking a mixture of warm milk and dried figs. In one cup of milk, mix a tablespoon of dried figs.

Drink the mixture once daily and you will soon get relief from the unwanted symptoms of enlarged bumps on your tongue.

Clove Oil Gargle

One of the medicinal properties of cloves is their anti-rival properties. However, it also contains a number of minerals to help quickly heal enlarged bumps on your tongue.

Mix a tablespoon in one cup of water. Gargle the mixture for 5 minutes, 5 times a day and you will soon get relief from the symptoms of enlarged papillae.

Lemon and Honey Blend

Nothing can be as effective in alleviating enlarged papillae as the honey and lemon blend. After all, both honey and lemon have powerful anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which act on the problem right at its core.

You will need to mix 1 tablespoon of honey into a glass of lemon juice. Drink the mixture in the morning before breakfast for 3 to 4 days.

Witch Hazel Mouthwash

Witch Hazel is has excellent healing properties and is a natural antiseptic, making it a great treatment for the bumps. Various studies have show that witch hazel contains some powerful compounds that can help reduce the size of cold sores. It could do the same for your bumps.

To make a witch hazel mouthwash, mix one teaspoon of witch hazel in one glass of warm water. You can add one or two drops of clove oil to make the treatment more effective.

Use this remedy to gargle and while gargling, make sure it gets to the back of your tongue.

Wrap Up

It is possible that the enlarged papillae in your mouth aren’t anything to worry about. You can, therefore, bid your time as you take home remedies and the symptoms will disappear.

But do not just sit pretty. You might be dealing with a much bigger problem than you can handle.

If home remedies don’t work, call your doctor and book an appointment. The enlarged papillae could just be the first signs of oral cancer, which is better caught as early as possible.

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