What Are The Early Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period?

News of a pregnancy can be exhilarating to a woman, especially if the woman has been having a hard time conceiving. It is agonizing to wait for your next period date to confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

Did you know that before your next period, your body will send you signals to confirm your pregnancy? In the guide below, you will discover some of the early signs of pregnancy before you miss your periods.

Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

1. Implantation Cramping

You are likely to get pregnant if you have intercourse during your ovulation time. When the fertilized egg is implanting itself in the uterus lining, you are likely to experience some cramping and light bleeding. The cramps are similar to those you may encounter when having periods but these cramps occur a week before you have your periods.

If you have a regular cycle, 28 days, you will experience some cramping around the third week of your cycle. The bleeding should be very light. If it is dark and heavy, it could be you are having a miscarriage.

Implantation bleeding is light as you may observe just a few drops of blood in your underwear or while wiping your vagina.

2. Nausea

Nausea is one of the most common signs of pregnancy. Nausea is also known to as morning sickness because you are likely to feel nauseated early in the morning, though at times it may happen at other times during the day. You are likely to throw up, feel weak and dizzy. Even the sight of some of the foods you love could leave you running to the bathroom to throw up.

Morning sickness occurs in about 75% of pregnant women and is caused by elevated levels of hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG). It is important to stress that some women do not experience morning sickness until there are in their sixth week of pregnancy. Nausea lasts up to three months, the first trimester, but for some women, it lasts for the duration of their pregnancy.

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Early Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period

3. Fatigue

Another early sign of pregnancy is fatigue. Are you feeling more fatigued doing the same tasks you did before? If yes, then you could be pregnant.

Fatigue is caused by an increase in progesterone levels, lack of enough fluids, iron, vitamins, and minerals in your body, and the production of more blood for the baby. Fatigue can be relieved by sleeping for at least 8 hours, taking prenatal vitamins, and avoiding caffeine products.

4. Tender, Heavy, and Sore Breasts

Your body is likely to send one of the earliest signs of pregnancy through your breasts. You will notice, a week or two after conception, your breasts will start to change. Your breasts will become a bit swollen, tingly, and sore.

The dark circles around your nipples will become darker and more prominent. This change is caused by blood vessels that are starting to grow to accommodate milk production.

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5. Mood Swings

Changes in hormonal levels in your body are bound to bring sudden mood changes. Within one hour, your emotions could move from happiness to anger outbursts to weeping.

To curb these mood swings, get enough rest, practice a hobby you love, practice meditation and talk to someone who understands your situation.

6. Backaches and Headaches

Progesterone and estrogen work to ready the womb and this, in turn, causes low blood sugar which leads to headaches.

Lower back pain is one of the early signs of pregnancy. This occurs when back ligaments become loose to accommodate the baby’s weight. To curb backaches, use a pregnancy pillow and the right positions to sleep. If the pain persists, seek medication from your doctor.

Early Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period

7. Basal Body Temperature

BBT (Body Basal Temperature) rises by about 0.4-1 degree when you are pregnant. This early sign of pregnancy may be difficult to observe, but a special thermometer will indicate the difference.

8. Frequent Peeing and Constipation

Due to your kidneys working overtime to filter more blood for your baby, you are likely to frequent the washroom more than you would like. The urge to pee will occur mostly throughout the night.

Constipation is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy before missed period. Increase in hormones like progesterone will affect your digestive tract. If you are frequently constipated, and a home pregnancy test indicates you are pregnant, consult your doctor for the right medication to ease it.

The signs above could indicate early signs of pregnancy. However, some of them could be signs of other medical condition. You can take a home pregnancy test to put any doubts you may have to rest. If you are pregnant, do not self-medicate to alleviate some of the signs. Visit a doctor to get the right medication.