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Restoration From Addictions, Part 2

(That is Half 2 of a 5-part series on dependency). In Half 1 of this collection of articles, I defined substance and course of addictions, and described the four major false beliefs that underlie most addictions: I am unable to handle my pain. I’m unworthy and unlovable. Others are my source of love. I can […]

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What To Look For In Personal Trainers

People are getting more and more health and fitness conscious and are taking efforts to keep themselves healthy. One of the ways that most people adopt is to hire a personal trainer. As people are increasingly looking for personal trainers in their desire to be fit and to operate one on one customized personal fitness […]

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Car Insurance Intended for Women – Will Women Pay Out More?

In regards to personal auto insurance for women, there is little doubting the fact that that insurance providers consider ladies differently than they will do males, even if this reality isn’t published openly. It happens to be actually in the lady’s favor however that this happens and so they will typically pay lower than the […]

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The change taking place for women in this world

Repost from ashish at ArticleBase. Times have changed and so have our ways; today we speak of equality and brotherhood, peace and liberty but the Indian history has stood witnessto some of the most hideous practices of inequality amongst men and women. Fate had reserved marriage and house-holding in the lives of Indian women in our olden […]

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Vaginal prolapse surgury

Vaginal prolapse is a common ailment among women whereby the uterus, bladder or the bowel overhangs into the vagina. The condition come with several symptoms and complications such as constipation, vaginal lump, painful bowel movement, difficulty in emptying the bladder and in some situations painful sexual intercourse. Patients can only be treated if any of […]

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